Hope for Heroes Canine Companion Program

Hope for Heroes is now providing canine companions for a select few disabled American veterans and first responders.

We are providing these select individuals and their families with a well trained canine to provide a sense of safety and camaraderie for veterans and responders who are dealing with physical and emotional injuries incurred in the line of duty.

The Canine Training Program is designed to assess the individual recipient's needs and wants in a canine companion. Trainers then tailor the instructional program to ensure the canine is proficient in all aspects of providing the emotional and physical support that a companion canine should be sound on. Training through our Canine Training Program provides the most individualized and custom support we can offer to our Hero.

Hope for Heroes training staff is comprised of numerous police K9 instructors who will provide training for each Canine Companion. We begin with an 8 week old puppy and complete all aspects of training straight through to the finish and placement of the canine with their new family. We will continue our training with the Hero and their new companion until all parties are comfortable and bonded together.

Hope for Heroes has put together this program based on the experience and expertise of the Founder Mitch Serlin and Board Member/Treasurer Matt Notaro who are both retired police K9 officers. They continue to train police K9’s and their handlers in the US and overseas. Currently, Hope for Heroes is partnering with several organizations such as Tunnel to Towers, the Doris Day Foundation and Operation Warrior Shield. Any organization or individual interested in partnering with Hope for Heroes as we continue to serve our veterans and first responders should contact Mitch at the email address below.