Non-Profit Programs in LaGrangeville, NY

Outdoor Recreation

HFH outdoor recreational activities are held throughout the year across the country and are hosted exclusively by HFH or in partnership with another organization. These adventure trips include everything from camping, BBQ, fishing, kayaking, boating, hiking, picnics and more.

Adventure Assistance Training

Many heroes feel they are unable to participate in their favorite activities because of their disability. Adventure Assistance Training teaches heroes and their families tricks and techniques that will get them back doing the things they love. Training also includes tips on how to accomplish daily tasks like preparing meals and staying active.

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The Lodge

The HFH Lodge is located in Burkesville, Kentucky and is the home base for many adventure trips and gatherings. Sitting on 1600 acres, this fully stocked ranch creates a comfortable opportunity for week-long trips, activities and cook outs. Heroes that visit and stay at the lodge are treated to complimentary room and board in addition to laundry service, home-cooked meals, games and more. An itinerary of activities are offered each day for heroes and their families. The Lodge hosts specifically designed themed trips year round that are available on a first-come first-serve basis.


Canine Companion Program

Facilitated twice a year, the Canine Companion Program works with and prepares dogs to become life-long companions for injured heroes. After the training period is completed, pets are paired with heroes. Many of these dogs also provide service assistance to heroes and can be specially trained to accommodate their disability.

New State Of The Art Lodge

Currently, HFH is working on our lodge initiative which would allow us to bring our beloved organization to the place we call our home. We are fundraising now, in order to purchase property in the Hudson Valley region of New York State. Here, we intend to build a four thousand square foot, handicapped accessible lodge on a couple hundred scenic acres. This will enable us to provide additional services for our heroes to enjoy. With the new facility we will be able to help more individuals heal throughout the year.