Why Do our Heroes Need our support?

Our Heroes — military veterans, police officers, firefighters and EMTs — have answered the call. They’ve each made the brave, selfless choice to sacrifice everything for us.

As a result of these great sacrifices, many of these Heroes have been emotionally and/or physically disabled and struggle to reintegrate back into society. They feel isolated and alone … and many of them don’t know where to turn.

They need hope. They need help. And that’s why Hope for Heroes is here.

Together, we can make these Heroes whole again. Together, we can do our part to return the favor of their bravery and selflessness.

How Hope for Heroes Help Those in Need

Why support Hope for Heroes?

When you make a gift to Hope for Heroes, your donation directly and immediately supports our important mission, and toward our exciting future plans that will help even more Heroes heal and find hope.

In the words of our CEO and founder, Mitch Serlin:

“At the end of the day, no matter what event our Heroes attend or how they interact with our organization, we are fiercely committed to helping them integrate back into society, feel better and improve their lives. But we simply can’t do this important work without you and your help.”

“Glad to see the organization is doing well. Please know that you guys changed my life. It's not something I've ever told you, or anyone for that matter, but I had planned to end things the week before I was up there. But I got the call for the trip, then I went and met you and all the others and it gave me hope and courage to go on. I just thought you needed to know that you and your organization literally saved my life.”
- A Thankful Hero
Veteran Crisis Hotline. Dial 988 then 1

How Hope for Heroes help those in need

Your donation:

  • Helps us plan and execute events for our Heroes like hunting, deep-sea fishing, boating, hiking, kayaking, camping, competition barbecues and more.
  • Provides accessibility equipment that helps Heroes with physical disabilities experience the outdoors and our events without limitations
  • Ensures we can carry out our future plans, like providing therapy animals, offering ski instruction to disabled Heroes, constructing a 120-acre, handicap-accessible lodge where Heroes can gather for outdoor events and so much more.

Most importantly, your gift helps our Heroes feel empowered, connect with one another, improve their lives and find hope once again.